Greetings from the President

We care very much about "Quality".
"Original Technology" creates the future.

Scissors have existed since BC.
We have been involved in the development and production of the scissors for more than 110 years.

Our main products are Gardening Scissors which are used to care and harvest fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers.
In order to provide scissors that please our customers, we will pay close attention to the quality of sharpness and ease of use.

Quality is created by the richness of hearts coming from "gratitude".
Gathering of employees with richness of hearts creates our quality products.

In 1910, my grandfather, Shojiro Wada, started manufacturing flower scissors in Zaimoku-cho, Sakai City.
At first, it was handmade one by one.
Eventually, mechanical production began, and now more than 50 industrial robots are working.

Why is it unmanned?
Because we are very particular about "MADE IN JAPAN".
The scissors we make put quality first and foremost.
For that purpose, the general work is done by robots, and the quality control that requires the five senses is done by ours.
By this "role division of robots and humans", 90% of the products can be produced in-house, and we are able to deliver "quality peace of mind" to customers.

I'm sure that the scissors used from adults to children will never disappear from the world.
Rather, I believe it will be more diverse and more creative according to customer's needs.

That is why "Original Technology" should be refined.
We would like to create technologies that only we can do, not only in manufacturing, but also in human development and business management.
I believe that it can create a rich future.

We will open up the next 100 years, thanking our customers who have supported our 110-year history, those who have been involved with us, and each and every employee.



Our idea is to produce high quality products.

We have more than 100 types original shears and scissors for agriculture use, gardening, flower arrangement and craft work.
We have been developing useful products to users. Our products are supported overwhelmingly by professionals and amateurs.

Company Profile

Company Name CHIKAMASA CO., LTD.
President Yoshikazu Wada
Capital JPY 28million
Head Office 2, Chikkohamadera-Nishimachi,Nishi-ku,Sakai,OSAKA 592-8352 JAPAN [MAP]
Tel +81-72-268-0118
Fax +81-72-268-0144
Niigata Branch Office 643-1,Koseki,Tsubame,Niigata 959-1286 JAPAN / Tel:+81-256-61-0188 / Fax:+81-256-61-0144
Foundation March 19,1910
Incorporation December 20,1968
Item of Business Manufacture and Sell various cutlery
Item of Manufacture Manufacture of shears and scissors for agriculture use,flowers, gardening, handicrafts, office works.
Main Business Partner in Japan Trading firms for Hardware shop in whole country,Farmers' Cooperative, Home Center,Horticulture Shops,Craftwork Shops,Flower Shops.
Bank Reference *The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd. Sakai Branch
*MUFJ Bank,Ltd. Sakai Branch
*Resona Bank,Limited Sakaihigashi Branch
*Japan Finance Corporation Sakai Branch

Cooperate History

1910 Founder Shojiro Wada established WADASHO Co. and started to manufacture flower scissors
at zaimoku-cho,Sakai,Osaka.
1933 The factory was relocated to 2-2-29 kitahatago-cho,nishi,Sakai,Osaka
for expansion of the factory.
1960 Launch the present S-200.
1962 Launch the present T-500.
1965 Launch the present M-100.
December 1968 CHIKAMASA CO.,LTD. was incorporated.
Jyuntaro Wada became president.
December 1976 The factory was moved to present location.
February 1977 The factory expanded by purchasing next factory.
September 1989 Completion of new office.
May 1994 Kisaburo Wada became president.
October 2003 Niigata branch office was established.
April 2006 Received certification No.3 of SAKAI WAZASHU.(skilled people of Sakai)
May 2006 Yoshikazu Wada became president.
June 2006 Launch Pruning Shears.
September 2007 Launch Pruning Saws.
September 2010 New office and factory are adding to the current factory.
November 2010 100th Anniversary Party of CHIKAMASA CO.,LTD.
December 2014 Establoshed a distribution warehouse attached to Niigata office, which has relocated in Koseki, Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture.
February 2015 It renamed the Niigata branch from Niigata office.
Kenji Takahashi became Factory manager.
Naoto Abe became Niigata branch manager.
January 2016 Established Takasago Factory, where is a one minute walk from head office.
April 2018 2018 Spring Conferment of Decoration :
CHIKAMASA Chairman Kisaburo Wada received The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays.
April 2021 Establisbed Izumi Factory, which has relocated in Nozomino, Izumi, Osaka Prefecture.
April 2022 Kenji Takahashi became Executive director.
Manabu Nonaka became Izumi factory director.