S-2C/T-55C Line

S-2C / T-55C line has coil spring. The characteristic makes hard for spring to unfasten.
Also 3 holes on the grip make difficult for non slip-coating to peel from the grips.
Model E-6C is popular because the jagged blade does not slip on cutting.

T-500 Line

T-500 line is widely used for general agriculture use.
This line also has stainless steel blade which resists from rust.

T-550/T-570 Line

T-550 / T-570 line meets the need of growers widely and is the best seller in Japan.

S-200/S-600/M-100 Line

This line is used for picking for orange and persimmon.
The blade is curved and tough. This curbed blade makes easy and fast to pick up fruits.

T-600/M-600 Line

This line is used for general agriculture use which is picking up vegetable and fruit.
Model T-601K is the most suitable for thinning out and picking up persimmon.

T-700/M-700 Line

T-700 line, M-700 line shears are used for picking up onions. also they are designed for picking fruits and gathering vegetables.

B-300/B-500 Line

The outside of B-500 line's blade is grinded round, so it would not damage grain of grape. Model B-500SL has a blade angled of L type and this makes convenient for working at high place.
B-300 line also has shears with tweezers. When thinning out grain of grape and reversing a wrist, shears and tweezers are used at the same time.


The blade of model T-710GDX is plated with hard-chrome and resists rust. This model is used for gardening.


The blade of this line is plated with chrome and used in stainless steel. This line is used for flower arrangement and craft widely.


TP-530 / TP-530S are about 50% lighter than existing product, ultra-lightweight and less fatigue.
As to TP-530S blade, spring and rivet parts are stainless steel to prevent from rust.


JP-2000 is gardening shears for wide range of uses, with jagged blade, cut branches without sliding.

Hold Shears

TS-77HB is with holding function after cut, it is suitable for roses ,harvester ,fresh flowers and vegetables. These blades with electroless nickel plating is rust-resistant.


PSN-8G has a newly designed handle to prevent from stucking fingers.
Width of cut for PSA-G8 is bigger and sharp blades of pruning shears. And die-cast aluminium makes handle tough and strong.
PS-20R is superlight-weight(160g) pruning shears.
PST-8 blade makes sharp cut and the reinforcing rib is given near the rivet to enhance strengh.
TS-66B cuts flowers and small branches easily.
Also PS-7 are nothing like other pruning shears.
These series have a lot of features. Colorful grip makes hard to get lost. Soft cushion guards hands from shock.
Spare blade is enviroment friendly and economical.


Anvil Type Lopper makes the cutting surface flat and clean.


Blade is more durable by impulse hardened treatment. The surface of blade is rust resistance. Spare blade is available. Grip is lightweight and non-slipping.


TS-77EXP is good for horticulture, gardening, and flowers. Also good for cutting bunch of flowers. These blades with electroless nickel plating is rust-resistant. Also with flower wire cutting function(up to 16 gauge) Spare blades is enviroment friendly and economical.


This line included Model NS-155E and NS-170E comfortably fits hands because the grips of this line made with elastomer. This line is lightweight and has tough blade. FLORIST is used for horticulture, flower arrangement, and craft.

Flower Arrangements

This is the best for flower arrangement and gardening. The blade of FLORIST is stainless steel resists water and keeps sharp. This line has a function of cutting wire and is also used well at flower arrangement class in Japan.


Cut flower wire at recessed part of blade bottom. Tip of blade can be used as shears. Ultra-lightweight and less fatigue easy to carry.

Flower Shears MF-9000

Flower Shears MFN-80 / MF-8000


Artificial cutter, AC-5V is good for artificial flower and flower arrangement. Forging high-quality carbon steel with special heating treatment. Ideal angle of blade toughness and sharpness of blade finish.


We have pursued sharpness and usefulness completely of this line.
We recommend using this line for craft from to pros to amateurs.

For Fishery

Blade is used for fishery and cuts well. This line is used for process of crab.

Case for shears

Chikamasa cases for shears are with chikamasa logo.
These series are good for keeping shears in safe and carrying.