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Width of cut for PSA-G8 is bigger and sharp blades of pruning shears. And die-cast aluminium makes handle tough and strong.PS-20R is superlight-weight(160g) pruning shears.PST-8 blade makes sharp cut and the reinforcing rib is given near the rivet to enhance strengh.PS-8PLUS-R blade opens more widely than PS-8 series. TSB-77B with convex blade is good for cutting fruits small branches and bunch of flowers. TS-66B and TSB-66B cut flowers and small branches easily. Also PS-7,8 and PSB-8G CS are nothing like other pruning shears.These series have a lot of features. Colorful grip makes hard to get lost. Soft cushion guards hands from shock.Spare blade is enviroment friendly and economical.

TSB-66B (Jagged blade with wire-cutting function)
Product No. TSB-66B
Total Length 195mm
Blade Length 45mm
Weight 160g
Blade high-quality carbon steel
Handle PA+GF , elastomer
Place of Origin Made in Japan